Thursday, 14 March 2019 04:12 Guest Productivity Tools
Enables to visit b:// urls directly via search bar and replaces b:// resources on websites with Metanet provider resources.
Tuesday, 09 April 2019 13:17 Guest Productivity Tools
Bsvforeverfund com is a new automated payment system .That allows users to pay a BSV transactions for a future date .Design to be a payroll solution and simplify subscriptions for users. 
Thursday, 18 April 2019 00:01 Guest APIs and Dev Tools
Global Terminal for Bitcoin Application Protocols. BTerm is a navigator for BitCom, a virtual operating system that lives on Bitcoin. BitCom uses a simplified Unix file system metaphor to let developers represent and publish Bitcoin application protocols...
Tuesday, 23 April 2019 09:40 Guest Productivity Tools
This handy tool allows you to easily record and immortalize voice recordings onto the Bitcoin SV Blockchain - the metanet. Listen to other recordings or record your own. You can even tip creators of content that you like.
Saturday, 23 November 2019 12:07 Guest Productivity Tools
The developer API marketplace. Start earning from your code. For developers, by developers.
Wednesday, 27 November 2019 10:49 Guest Productivity Tools
Get a BSV address for $handle, 1handle or Paymail. Resolve a Handcash, RelayX or PayMail handle to a Bitcoin SV Address. Displays QR code and address. Browser extension to get the next receiving address for a handcash, relayx or PayMail wallet. Bitcoin...
Friday, 12 June 2020 10:48 Guest Wallets
Volt is a wallet that grandma can use by removing key management responsibility away from end users. It's as easy to set up and use as any other app we use daily. Volt. Digital Asset Safe. Stores funds securely. Transfers funds easily. It’s portable...
Tuesday, 16 June 2020 10:30 Guest Productivity Tools
A wallet and API designed to specifically power high volume transactions for enterprise applications and businesses. MetaStreme enables any application to interact with the BSV network via an API without requiring knowledge of bitcoin. No need for address...
Thursday, 25 June 2020 09:27 Guest Productivity Tools
SLictionary's listed word definitions are sourced from the community-- exactly the same way word meanings have always been sourced from the community of langauge SPEAKERS.  The middleman, namely academics who've governed word meanings after Webster wrote...
Sunday, 26 July 2020 00:38 Guest Productivity Tools
Extension for Visual Studio Code - Bitcoin Scripting Language support for Visual Studio Code
Wednesday, 26 August 2020 21:58 Guest APIs and Dev Tools
A collection of Golang code repositories for Bitcoin SV developers.
Wednesday, 09 September 2020 11:55 Guest Social & Content Commerce
BLARE is a maker-centric digital and social platform for artists and content creators to publish, distribute, price, and sell their exclusive digital content and physical merch (CD’s, Vinyl, clothing, posters, sheet music, books, etc.) at any price to...
Sunday, 11 October 2020 17:03 Guest APIs and Dev Tools
Interact with Bitcoin Miner APIs (unofficial Go library of
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 03:59 Guest APIs and Dev Tools
Planaria is like a framework, but: 100% powered by Bitcoin Containerized as an API Microservice Only requires JavaScript skills to program Anyone can build and publish a public Planaria node, and anyone can connect to the public Planaria nodes...
Monday, 15 April 2019 01:29 Guest APIs and Dev Tools
There are 3 parts to this protocol solution: Generic URI Scheme: A new expressive URI scheme that can custom-reference any Bitcoin app protocol object on the blockchain. Decentralized Router: A decentralized routing engine that maps the generic URI...
Friday, 30 August 2019 05:56 justicemate Productivity Tools
Use: You can use Baemail to send provable messages (baemails) to anyone with a paymail. Set the Value of the baemail to ensure your message reaches the recipient wirth the correct amount of urgency. This works just like email except either the message...
Friday, 14 December 2018 13:32 Guest Payment Processors
Money Button is much more than a wallet. It gives end users a super-easy to use wallet, but it also gives content providers the ability to add the Money Button on their sites and apps, in order to generate revenue through micropayments, tipping, and much...
Sunday, 18 October 2020 01:57 Guest Social & Content Commerce
Cityonchain, a new on-chain information center organized around cities.
Wednesday, 15 May 2019 01:22 tonicpow Social & Content Commerce
Start promoting today and earn money with Tonic Offers! Craft your tonic today and start earning or promoting using BitcoinSV (BSV) Tonics are peer to peer advertisements. Monetise your site and earn Bitcoin (SV) directly from advertisers. Promote your...
Sunday, 04 August 2019 22:46 Guest Gambling & Gaming
BSV-based games with no registration, instant payouts, and fairness.
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