Volt is a wallet that grandma can use by removing key management responsibility away from end users. It's as easy to set up and use as any other app we use daily.

Volt. Digital Asset Safe. Stores funds securely. Transfers funds easily. It’s portable like a Wallet but very secure, because it’s a Safe.

Gone are the days of a Safe being bolted to your cement basement. You now can carry the weightless Digital Asset Safe where ever you go. Perfect for Enterprises or Personal use. Spend or store. Transfer or exchange.

Easy setup: Set up the wallet by verifying email and connect your FaceID without having to write down mnemonic words and worry about losing it.

There's no private key upon wallet creation and nor is a full private key is formed or used during the transaction signing process. This removes single point of failure problems which happens with all mnemonic words based wallets.

Key features:

Multiple wallet creation: You can create more than one wallets for different purposes

Paymail support: Set up email like ID (better readability and less prone to error) for receiving BitCoin.

Multiparty wallet: You can create a multiparty wallet to be managed by more than 1 members which will require different members to approve for a transaction to be sent out

Asset inheritance: Users can set up a plan to ensure their assets is delivered to their loved ones in case of account becomes silent due to accidents.

Facial recognition: This ensures the wallet can only be accessed by the real owner and all important actions such as transferring fund and recovery of a wallet can only be authorised by the original owner.