You can use Baemail to send provable messages (baemails) to anyone with a paymail. Set the Value of the baemail to ensure your message reaches the recipient wirth the correct amount of urgency.

This works just like email except either the message itself or a hash of the content is put on chain where you can refer back to it to prove what you said to whom and exactly when. This is private, rather than anonymous.

This makes baemails ideal for contracts for freelancers, or busienss partners.

When you've written your message, you can add value to your message in order to prove to the person you're contacting that your message is not spam. This is like the hashcash idea but ontop of Moneybutton, BitcoinSV and BSValias protocol (paymail).

Your inbox will be ordered by value by default. That means the message which came with the highest value in BitCoinSV attached should be seen first. You can still ignore it, or you can reply and repay the original sender if the message was valuable.

Ideas for how this could play out are still in development. Please get in touch if you wish to collaborate.

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