SLictionary's listed word definitions are sourced from the community-- exactly the same way word meanings have always been sourced from the community of langauge SPEAKERS.  The middleman, namely academics who've governed word meanings after Webster wrote the most popular English dictionary in 1806, is cut out deliberately because it's unnatural.  The most obvious way to see SLictionary works is the definition for BitCoin: who would BEST define the word?  The creator of BitCoin perhaps?  In SLictionary, definitions for a single word can be browsed & voted-upon, such that the BEST most efficient definitions rise to the top. 

Those who define words are called Word$miths, and they receive a minimum of 70% of the 1 penny search fee for the work of helpfully smithing definitions for those who search SLictionary behind them.  Word$miths can define once and make money forever, should the definition prove the best amongst its competitors.

SLictionary's creators don't determine definitions, the community does.  After every search, the searcher votes for the most helpful part of a definition by pressing a "lightbulb" icon which illuminates it and sends a signal to pay the Word$mith 70% or more of the search fee.  Think of SLictionary as "Definition App Store".  No coding is required, just creativity.  Try a search for chicken, or latency or quill to see how SLictionary will work better than legacy dictionaries.

Word Bounty (July 2020) will create a list of words which need defining, and Word$miths can browse this bounty list to define words and make money even sooner.  Word Bounty is seeded with all the words searchers type but don't receive a pre-composed definition.  The search fee can be donated to Word Bounty, and the best definition submitted by Word$miths will recieve the bounty, PLUS have their word posted on SLictionary for future revenues when voted upon.

Word Up is a game coming this Summer (2020) courtesy of the Bitcoin Association's 3rd hackathon.  Word Up will actually measure vocabulary skills much like Actuarial exams put out by Actuarial organizations measure statistical math abilities.  Word Up will create a heirarchy of WordMasters-- players of Word Up who gain enough knowledge to rise up the ranks of Word Up's difficulty rating.  While Word Up will be a game of skill directly related to understanding words, the best among the players can achieve rankings which display to the world their proficiency and mastery of language.

SLictionary will allow ANY word, even very local words shared amongst two people-- at the extreme of localism.  You and your friend could define a word you share, and enter it into SLictionary.  Thus SLictionary is also a database for slang and local lingo.  HOWEVER, SLictionary takes its roll as instructional very seriously, and is implementing multiple methods to keep SLictionary safe for children and free from the ire of parents.   It's important that SLictionary support the 1st ammendment and create a hospital environment for the constant change of language regardless of its source, yet protect the innocence of children as best as possible.  SLictionary has already implemented some of it's protections, and will continue to keep it's database of words free but safe too.  In fact, the internal algorithms will create a fun exploratory environment for all ages.

July 2020: will be used as the official website.

Mission: Create the world's best most complete dictionary by marrying communal networking effects with money (Bitcoin) such that SLictionary is the last dictionary humanity will ever need.