is a social sentiment tool powered by Ecat.Media, MoneyButton and Whatsonchain. Anyone can share their sentiment on a index for 0.02 USD by signing up for a MoneyButton account. You can earn bitcoin to vote by using the Earn Vote link in the navbar.

By tracking sentiment using Bitcoin(SV) ledger we can ensure integrity and immutability of every sentiment vote. Anyone can watch our voting system and see if manipulation or other forms of hacking has occured. Each index is also deployed on chain and has a txid. Simply put it is impossible to hack the voting system and costly to manipulate it. If you want to manipulate votes you will only be paying the index owner! also allows anyone to create and monetize their own indices in return for a $10 USD fixed cost + 50% voting revenue share. Anyone can be an index oracle for any market. Please check our existing indices if you want to avoid similar indices, but anyone can technically own what ever index they want. Getting votes is reliany on marketing index. Voting revenue is used to pay for maintaining and growing the service. We are based out of Toronto, Canada.