Veribit is a Bitcoin SV identity and verification platform.

We provide a platform that will allow you to authenticate your credentials using patented split key thresholding techniques without giving away your data. Partners receive a true or false on-chain API response for fields only you control. All interactions are recorded on-chain.

With Veribit, you control your securely encrypted KYC & AML data on-chain, giving you power to prove who you are without handing your documents or details over to any third party, ever!

Veribit is a drop-in verification system via an on-chain API that lets your users attest various information about themselves whist remaining private, such as age verification without providing your date of birth.

We also have a media center where you can upload, organise, tag, catalogue and manage your on-chain media (documents, images, videos) which is fully non-custodial. Only you have access to your private data.