RateSV is a platform for you to earn Bitcoin(SV) through investing on the realtime finanial data, such as, cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, etc. You can invest on permanently recording minute-level exchange rate data on the BSV blockchain, and gain ownership on the channel and the data itself. You can earn from the request of this exclusive data, or from selling your channel to other user and also from publishing advertisement on the webpage of your channel.

RateSV use Bitcoin(SV) and Metanet as our basic technology. BSV blockchain is used to hold the detailed rate data forever, and Metanet protocol helps us manage the inner ralationship between transactions and ensure authority of the onchain data.

The data ownership is assured by ECIES encryption algorithm. Only RateSV and the owner can decrypt onchain data. User's key is kept by user himself, RateSV has no access to user's private key. The authentication and authorization is done by Bitcoin address and key system.

All the program record data and exchange rate data is recorded on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It is open, transparent, stable, and lasts forever. You can even get access to minite level detailed data of a trading pair several years later. The Bitcoin itself is the database.