"Push Web" engine, powered by Bitcoin.


Powpress is bootstrapping a new data publishing paradigm, reversing the dynamics of how the publishing ecosystem works, by utilizing Bitcoin.

And it's completely free to use because it unbundles the blockchain aspect from Bitcoin while still taking full advantage of various other Bitcoin powers without forcing users to post things to the blockchain.

The push web, powered by bitcoin

In a "pull" model, a piece of content pulls in traffic to a website (the current web). On the other hand, in the new "push" based model the content is instead pushed out to everywhere that matters (powpress) therefore the metric of "traffic" itself becomes irrelevant. The traffic happens in a decentralized manner, through whichever "host" channels the content.

In this paradigm, you don't even need a hosted website to generate revenue from your content because your content along with your authorship floats around the web with a native payment method (Bitcoin) directly attached.

You can learn more about this model here and here.