Planaria is like a framework, but:

  1. 100% powered by Bitcoin
  2. Containerized as an API Microservice
  3. Only requires JavaScript skills to program

Anyone can build and publish a public Planaria node, and anyone can connect to the public Planaria nodes to build serverless apps.

Here's how it works:

  1. Crawl: Planaria crawls the Bitcoin blockchain programmatically.
  2. Index: Indexes the crawled result in a MongoDB instance.
  3. Serve: Provides a Docker containerized HTTP[S] and SSE (Server Sent Events) Microservice API endpoint.

Thanks to the containerized architecture, everything is portable. No one organization can own an API endpoint. Anyone can deploy and run a public Planaria API endpoint with just a single command.

You can learn more about Planaria by checking out the Documentation area.


Planaria node developers now have access to much more powerful features, including:

  1. Full access to the file system
  2. Custom API endpoints, as many as you want.