A true Bitcoin SPV (Simple Payment Verification) Android wallet supporting Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. This wallet enables sending and receiving of Bitcoin Cash/SV without the need for a trusted central service or server. It communicates directly with the trustless decentralized Bitcoin Cash/SV node network to send, receive, and verify transactions.

Join the beta at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/tech.nextcash.nextcashwallet

You can choose Cash or SV from the settings view.

Only standard P2PKH (Pay to Public Key Hash) transactions are currently supported.
Uses ZXing app for QR code scanning.


  • Use multiple wallets.
  • "View only" wallets. Import "public" keys to monitor and receive payments without spend access.
  • Periodic background synchronization.
  • Private keys AES256 encrypted with PIN access.
  • Basic block chain information and status displayed.
  • Full transaction data view.
  • "Send Max" button to completely empty wallet.
  • Bitcoin Cash "cash addresses" to reduce accidental payments between BTC and BCH wallets.
  • Free full decentralized wallet recovery.
  • Amount, label, and message fields in payment requests. (BIP-0020, BIP-0021)
  • Import BIP-0032 text formatted keys.
  • Pay secure HTTPS payment requests (i.e. BitPay requests). (BIP-0070, BIP-0071, BIP-0072)