Provably Fair Gaming!

A real casino, on your mobile device

The most popular real casino games of chance, playing for real money, on your mobile device anytime you like. Just bring your luck. Basing the game on cryptocurrency (BSV) allows us to offer you the ability to play real casino games for real money, and gives you the built-in advantages of privacy and absolute security of blockchain technology. Don't worry about the math, you play the games based on your chosen currency that you are familiar with. The game looks at your currency exchange rate (vs BSV) at the time of each transaction and does all the computing for you. You just enjoy the game. And blockchain keeps a record of every single transaction, so there will always be an immutable record of everything.

An Ever-expanding library of Games

You choose which games you want on your device. We offer a library of true-to-reality casino games with stunning 3D graphics and gameplay. We are always expanding this library so you can add, remove, or trade out games anytime to make your own personal casino more enjoyable. You can move from game to game and follow your luck, the app pays off your bets in full every single round, you don't have to cash out. And the games move at your pace, you control everything.