Write data to Bitcoin SV blockchain. Datapay is the simplest library for building and broadcasting data transactions to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

How it works

datapay is powered by bsv, which in turn is a fork of bitcore-lib, which means all the low level transactions are completely robust and secure, since they're being used in production at companies like:

datapay was created in order to make it dead simple to construct OP_RETURN related transactions, but you can even use it to build regular transactions.

Also datapay exposes datapay.bsv endpoint which you can use to access the underlying bsv library. If you need more sophisticated features (in most cases you won't), feel free to use this feature. Best of both worlds!


Datapay is designed with a different philosophy than conventional Bitcoin transaction libraries.

While traditional Bitcoin libraries focus on sending money, datapay is focused on sending data.

The API is optimized to make this as simple as possible. Datapay library has only two methods:

  1. build: For building a transaction (but not sending)
  2. send: For sending a transaction

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