Global Terminal for Bitcoin Application Protocols.

BTerm is a navigator for BitCom, a virtual operating system that lives on Bitcoin. BitCom uses a simplified Unix file system metaphor to let developers represent and publish Bitcoin application protocols in a decentralized manner.

And BTerm fully takes advantage of the new BitCom features to deliver:

  1. Global Event Log
  2. Virtual File System
  3. Route Manager

It auto-populates the page by querying the BitCom protocol via Babel Planaria To be precise, it looks for special filenames: - name: header title - description: header subtitle - url: header link - image: main header image

Here's an example: B://

Here's (Fill out the metadata to display more!)

Here's BCAT by

Now correctly reflecting versions. If you do $ echo hello to description and then $ echo bye to description The latest snapshot of the "description" file will be shown at the top: "bye" It means you can keep updating files, kind of like ">" in Unix.

You can filter Bterm by push data. Just hover over any token and click.

Here's an example for filtering Bitcom for files named "handler" (Bitquery "out.s5=handler" ) See by to learn what idea this is playing with.

You can even browse and view files you added through "echo" or "cat", inline. You can try it here on B:// protocol dashboard where _unwriter added README and image files through "CAT":