Bitcoin networking made simple.

bitwork is the easiest, yet powerful way to process data from the bitcoin network.

It makes interacting with bitcoin as easy as making an HTTP GET request, or listening to WebSockets!

It abstracts the complex and esoteric low level networking APIs (P2P protocol + JSON-RPC) into a unified, easy-to-use interface that resembles a simple HTTP request.


Underneath, bitwork takes care of all the complexities in fetching and listening to data from the P2P network, as well as make use of the JSON-RPC API for some features which when combined, enables an extremely user-friendly yet powerful API.

Finally, it has a built-in data processing engine which parses the incoming transaction byte stream into structured programmable objects which makes programmers' jobs significantly easier.

Who is this for?

This library is for reading DIRECTLY from a bitcoin node, which means this is for those who run a bitcoin node of their own. If you already have access to a Bitcoin node via JSON-RPC and P2P, this library is for you.

NOTE: Most developers shouldn't need to run their own bitcoin node as it will become exponentially harder to maintain as the blockchain grows. (For example, it is already possible for blockchains like Bitcoin SV to grow at a speed of 2GB per block, which is approximately 10 minutes)

Instead, look into solutions for synchronizing only the required data subset without having to run a node. See Bitbus.

What problems does it solve?

What problems does Bitwork solve?

Short answer: Everything related to Bitcoin data processing.