Bitpic is like Gravatar - but hosted and served natively from Bitcoin.

And from then on, you can simply load the image from ANYWHERE (any app, any wallet, etc.) using the associated Paymail address.

Bitpic is completely open and can be as decentralized and portable as possible. Also, I have 100% open sourced the application, so ANYONE can run a bitpic node:

1. Backend: Grid planaria

2. Frontend: Serverless vanilla HTML/JS/CSS app


Github link :

if you're an app developer, you no longer need to implement your custom rolled avatar system. Simply use the bitpic URL in your apps, should automatically work! To allow your app users to upload their avatars, you simply need to direct them to

Even comes with an End-Point now called Exists so that you can check if an avatar is available for a paymail.