Bico.Media is for the content creators. From the outside, it's a gateway to data stored in a bitcoin sv transaction. From the inside, its a way of thinking of static data in a dynamic context.

A broad range of formats are supported, so you don't have to think about how data is stored in each transaction. Files are replicated to more than 100 data centres around the world as they are accessed. This, combined with a strict immutable cashing policy, gives you the best chances of reaching your files fast from a source close to you.

Key concepts

  • Lets you use Mustache as templating engine on the fly using Beard notation
  • Lets you inject content from other transactions using B-inject notation
  • Lets you use B:// urls as references
  • Lets you present markdown content as html (just add .html)
  • Lets you wrap JSON data as JSONP to be consumed directly from any website
  • Will try to figure things out if the data structure is homegrown
    • Unwraps data stored as a data-url
    • Decodes data stored in base64
  • Supports data added with Money Button
  • Supports data following the B:// format