A BitDB Node for Data-Only Bitcoin Applications


Babel is a BitDB node designed for data-only applications (apps that use OP_RETURN to store data, instead of money transfers)


What is Babel?

Babel is a new BitDB node that runs on Bitcoin SV in addition to the Genesis Bitdb

Here’s the insight:

Most Bitcoin applications that use the blockchain as a database DO NOT need all the transaction details, because they only need to query OP_RETURN outputs and a couple of other attributes.

1. What a BitDB Full Node Does

Let’s first take a look at what a Bitdb “full node” provides (as seen on https://bitdb.network website);

bitdb full node features

Those are a lot of things, ranging from “graph database” to “script database” to “transaction database”. This comprehensive nature is useful for many Bitcoin applications, but not all applications need access to all of these features simultaneously.

Especially, most applications that only use the Bitcoin blockchain to store and read immutable data, just need to query OP_RETURN outputs and a couple of other useful attributes, and nothing more.

And THIS is what Babel provides.

2. What a Babel Node Does

Babel is a subset of the Genesis.Bitdb designed specifically for data intensive Bitcoin applications. Highlights:

  1. Bitcoin original address format: just like Genesis bitdb.
  2. Lightning fast: Much leaner and faster than a full Bitdb node because it only stores a subset and takes up less memory.
  3. Backwards compatible: The Babel schema is a subtree of a full Bitdb node schema, so the same Bitquery works.