Discover and share original audio created by independent music producers, podcasters, DJs and more. Reward your favourite artists with micro-payments, powered by Bitcoin SV.

audioB is a platform for independent artists and podcasters to share their original works and receive tips and micropayments from their audience. Publishers and listeners just need a Money Button account to get started.

  • What content can be published?

    Original music productions, podcasts, lectures, bed-time stories, daily rants - anything really, with one obvious caveat: you must own the rights or have permission from the rights holder of any works your are publishing.

  • Is the audio stored on-chain?

    When publishing a file, audioB creates a single OP_RETURN transaction to the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain containing a sha256 hash of the file along with some meta data. The audio data itself is not stored on chain.

    There's a couple of reasons for this: cost and user experience. Storing files over 100 KB on-chain involves splitting the file over many transactions. To upload a 100 MB DJ Mix would involve swiping 1,000 moneybuttons. Ain't nobody got time for that! Those transactions would cost over $100 in miner fees alone. By comparison, storing the same file on traditional cloud platforms for 10 years costs less than $0.30.